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Nov 5, 2010
New Audio category added, comprising of (currently) 7 CDs-worth of old Dharma Audio by Rev. Seng Seong. Digitized from tape and uploaded. Just press the 'Play' button to start streaming the audio

Oct 27, 2010
3 new picture galleries added from the 9th Moon festivites.

Oct 3, 2010
TPS on facebook. For all current events, pictures, and discussions, please click on the following link
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REVEREND SENG SEONG (姓上) - 1918-1996

Founder of Tai Pee Sim (大悲心) Monastery, in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Born during the First World War, Reverend Seng Seong was called upon to serve mankind even as early as his schooldays. At 18, he became a medium, although a very reluctant one at first. Then realising that it was his true calling, he devoted wholeheartedly into his role. Humble and sincere, he was able to help cure the sick and bring comfort to those who needed help. He was also able to give guidance or intervention in times of distress and uncertainty, through the powers of many Deities and Tchoi-Si (祖師) especially Na Cha (哪吒), The Lady of Birth (主生娘娘) and Lin Wan Sinn Si (蓮雲仙師), among others. The many people who were cured by Na Cha and Neo Neo are no make-believe fairytales but true facts that many can vouch for.

Ordained as a Buddhist priest at the age of 26, he set up a temple in a small cave at Jalan Kuala Kangsar in Ipoh, Perak, with the name of "Sau Meng Koong" (壽明宮). It was here at the cave that Lin Wan Sinn Si and other Tcho-Si's came and began to preach the right way of life including the 3 Golden Rules of Conduct (三大幸福). Rev. Se...Read Full history
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